Your question: How many times chant shukra mantra?

Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and offer sandal paste to the goddess to attract the blessings of Venus in more measures. Chant the Shukra mantra for 1 mala (108 times) or three malas (324 times) or 21 malas (2268 times). The mantra chanting can start on a Friday and grow progressively to cover more malas.

Can we chant Shukra mantra daily?

Friday is a day dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi as well as the other feminine forces (Shakti). It is also an ideal day to chant Mantras dedicated to Shukra.

Who should chant Shukra mantra?

Shukra also represents wisdom and learning. Therefore, those who wish to gain knowledge may chant this Mantra. One can reduce the malefic effects of the planetary position in the horoscope by chanting this Mantra.

How can I make my Venus mantra stronger?

To improve the good effects of Planet Venus, you should recite Venus Beej Mantra i.e. Aum Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah ! You should chant the same for 16000 times. As per Desh-Kaal-Patra Siddhanta, in Kalyuga, there should be chanting of 4 times so you should chant the same for 64000 times.

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What happens if Shukra is strong?

Strong Venus: If Venus is strong in your horoscope and conjoined with other planets, you can enjoy the good company of opposite sex. Your married life will be good and full of all kinds of comforts. You may get married early. You would be able to maintain the harmony with everyone.

How do I activate Venus?

Remedies for Venus in Vedic Astrology

  1. Wear clothes which are bright white. …
  2. Respect your partner or spouse.
  3. Offer sweets to little girls or widowed women. …
  4. Maintain good character to achieve favourable results from Venus.
  5. Attain blessings of Venus by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi.

How do you know if your Venus is weak?

How to identify weak Venus according to astrology? – In the horoscope, if Venus is in the sixth eighth house with sinful planets. – If the brightness and ophthalmia of your face are getting weaker day by day. – You eat more sweets at night.

What happens when Shukra is weak?

The ill-effects of Shukra invite troubled married life and disturbed family life, weakness of sexual organs, loss of wealth, health problems, particularly the eyes and kidneys and others. It also leads to the loss of bodily lustre, asthma and paralysis.

Is Venus an evening star?

Originally, the terms “morning star” and “evening star” applied only to the brightest planet of all, Venus. It is far more dazzling than any of the actual stars in the sky and does not appear to twinkle.

What if Shukra is in 8th house?

The 8th House Venus placement indicates a financially well-informed partner with adequate wealth and comforts. However, an afflicted Venus in 8th House could make the native lazy and irresponsible. The love life, too, would be bereft of any happiness.

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What is the stone for Venus?

Opal is astrological gemstone of Venus – Shukra planet. Venus symbolizes the desires of human being.

How can I improve my love life in astrology?

Astrological Methods of securing your love :

  1. Strengthen the planet Venus in the Horoscope.
  2. Take steps to make the fifth house in the horoscope and make its leader stronger.
  3. Make the peace of the planet in the seventh house and Saptamesh.
  4. Do not donate anything that is black in colour, thing to each other.

In which house Shukra is strong?

Venus offers excellent results if positioned in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th houses. However, the 1st, 6th, and 9th houses are deemed bad for Venus. Thus, Venus offers excellent effects from Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu’s homes.

What is the power of Venus?

“The Power of Venus” details the lives of 20 accomplished women in this world, each with a unique background, home life, and career. Across five sections, “The Power of Venus” includes women trailblazers in finance, politics, the sciences, the arts, and athletics.