Question: Why is sequencing important in yoga?

In yoga, we aim to link the body to the mind, and the mind to the body, through our practice. We may use motion to energise, or hold poses for longer to stabilise our minds and bodies and to improve overall attention.

Does the sequence of yoga matter?

Although some instructors or classes complete yoga poses in a certain order, there is no right or wrong order or way to do yoga.

What does sequence mean in yoga?

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class or watched a yoga DVD, you may have noticed that the poses are presented in a particular order. This order is called a sequence, and a “yoga sequence” refers to the structure and flow of a yoga class. Sequencing a well-rounded class is an art.

What is intelligent sequencing in yoga?

I believe sequencing is an art, it is the process of putting poses together that awakens and prepares the mind and body to safely enter and exit one yoga pose to the next.

What is Vinyasa Flow sequence?

Vinyasa Flow, or sometimes just called the Vinyasa, is a short sequence of poses — Plank, Chaturanga, Upward-Facing Dog, Downward Dog — that are part of the sun salutations. This sequence is also used throughout class for strength-building and to keep the body warm.

How do you sequence hatha yoga?

A general rule of thumb for hatha yoga suggests starting with the standing poses – warrior poses, gate and tree poses, moving down to the kneeling poses such as ‘cow and cat’ and downward-facing dog.

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Is there a sequence in hatha yoga?

These poses are usually linked into a series of hatha sequences, also known as a hatha flow. In this series of poses the movement passes from one pose into the next in a smooth flow without interruption. There are some common sequence flows that you’ll know from one yoga class and teacher to another.