How do you get rare koi in zen koi?

What does rarity do in zen koi?

Rare colors

Rarity stat has no effect on the chance of rare mates appearing in the pond, it only affects the chance of getting a rare colored offspring. If the player’s fish is rare but the mate is common there is a 8% + 2% per rarity point chance that the player’s rare color is chosen for the offspring.

How do you get different koi in zen koi 2?

The new patterns are unlocked through breeding: after the player collects 5 or more Koi of a given pattern a mate of a next pattern will come to the pond to breed. The player needs to hatch at least one Koi of a new pattern to unlock it.

What is the difference between Zen Koi and zen koi 2?

Zen Koi 2 retains the soothing atmosphere of its prequel while introducing more fast-paced gameplay, new prey, and new features, such as My Pond inspired by the concept of a Japanese Zen Garden, Dragon Realm, and Daily Quests.

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How do you get the red puffer fish in zen koi 2?

Five or more points in speed are needed to catch up to them. It is recommended to tap on the ones coming at the player’s fish or follow them to the edge of the pond, rather than chase them. Slow moving, travel in small bursts. Can be easily caught by tapping on them.

How do you get free pearls in zen koi 2?

Getting Pearls for watching ads is by far the easiest method, but you can only get so many a day. The second easiest option is to simply ascend your koi into dragons, and this has the added benefit of progressing your koi and dragon collections to receive extra Pearls and Dragon Points on top of the default rewards.

How do you hatch eggs in zen koi?

Once an egg is ready to hatch it can be hatched for free by tapping the respective button on the Egg details screen. The egg then appears on the main screen together with the player’s active koi and a circle timer. Once the circle is full the egg is gone and a new level 1 hatchling appears.

How do you add friends on zen koi 2?

Adding friends

The player can add friends to their list by entering their nickname and tapping on Invite. The nicknames are not case-sensitive. Friendships are mutual: the invited player has to accept the player’s invite before both of them can begin gifting.

What does awakening a dragon do in zen koi 2?

Awakening the dragon

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Essence for decorations in their pond. By collecting Essence, players create their own custom constellations which can be shared as an image at the end of the sequence. can be collected each time the player awakens a dragon. The amount is random.

Where is the symbol in zen koi?

Eat little fishes in the recipe, and craft gems. Once you have gems swirling around your Koi, tap on ‘?’ and Expand pond’ notification on the lower left of the pond. Your Koi will automatically be guided to the symbol to deposit the gems.

Is Zen Koi 2 offline?

✔️ Offline – No internet connection needed In this Pro version, we’ve added offline play – No need for an internet connection after you have downloaded the game. ✔️ Safe We’ve also added Automatic Cloud Save if an internet connection is available, to safeguard your data.